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  • hypothesize — index generalize, guess, opine, posit, postulate, presume, presuppose, propound, reason ( …   Law dictionary

  • hypothesize — 1738, from HYPOTHESIS (Cf. hypothesis) + IZE (Cf. ize). Related: Hypothesized; hypothesizing …   Etymology dictionary

  • hypothesize — (Amer.) hy poth·e·size || haɪ pɑθəsaɪz / pÉ’ v. create a theory, form a hypothesis (also hypothesise) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • hypothesize — (also hypothesise) ► VERB ▪ put forward as a hypothesis …   English terms dictionary

  • hypothesize — [hī päth′ə sīz΄, hipäth ə sīz] vi. hypothesized, hypothesizing to make a hypothesis vt. to assume; suppose …   English World dictionary

  • hypothesize — hypothecate, hypothesize The correct word for ‘to form a hypothesis’ is hypothesize, and it is used with or without an object or with a that clause: • Quick to learn, quick to grasp concepts and to hypothesize, they need the best minds to provide …   Modern English usage

  • hypothesize — v. 1) (D; intr.) to hypothesize about 2) (L) they hypothesized that the disease was spread by rodents * * * [haɪ pɒθɪsaɪz] (D; intr.) to hypothesize about (L) they hypothesized that the disease was spread by rodents …   Combinatory dictionary

  • hypothesize — hy|poth|e|size also hypothesise BrE [haıˈpɔθəsaız US ˈpa: ] v [I and T] to suggest a possible explanation that has not yet been proved to be true hypothesize that ▪ Scientists hypothesize that the dinosaurs were killed by a giant meteor …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • hypothesize — UK [haɪˈpɒθəsaɪz] / US [haɪˈpɑθəˌsaɪz] verb [transitive] Word forms hypothesize : present tense I/you/we/they hypothesize he/she/it hypothesizes present participle hypothesizing past tense hypothesized past participle hypothesized formal to… …   English dictionary

  • hypothesize — [[t]haɪpɒ̱θɪsaɪz[/t]] hypothesizes, hypothesizing, hypothesized VERB If you hypothesize that something will happen, you say that you think that thing will happen because of various facts you have considered. [FORMAL] [V that] To explain this,… …   English dictionary

  • hypothesize — verb ( sized; sizing) Date: 1738 intransitive verb to make a hypothesis transitive verb to adopt as a hypothesis …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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